Owner’s thoughts and building

A space where you can relax as another home

Kurashiki-DEN is in a national historical district in Kurashiki, Japan. It is not a hotel or a backpacker hostel but a guest house. We believe that Kurashiki-DEN is a den for people around the world who are interested in Japanese culture.
When I was in my early twenties, I left Japan to travel the world for several years as a backpacker. I never fully understood the Japanese history and culture so as I traveled, I began to learn about my country while I was abroad.
I also found that tourist come to Japan with the desire to see the real Japan and the culture, food, art and architecture.
Me and my husband, David whom I met during my travels, want to show you the true traditions of Japan in Kurashiki through Kurashiki-DEN.

DEN owner, Kawazoe Honoka

The owner, Honoka is a jewerly designer. She produces accessories using rough Emeralds from Colombia.
Honoka travels around Japan and the world to exhibit her work. That’s how she knows how important it is to feel at home. A few years ago, Honoka bought an old building in Kurashiki and renewed it to match her vision. Stay overnight in Kurashiki-DEN and experience Hokona’s feeling of “traveling to live in the city.”

Introduction of the building

Kurashiki-DEN is a 100 year-old traditional house. It has a garden and a tea ceremony room which was originally built as a retreat and sake cellar for a sake brewer. 50 years later, it was handed over to the next owner He also cherished and sustained this charming, old-world house only renovating the exterior and roof to reinforce its structure. Now, this 100 year-old house was renovated again in 2018 as a guest-house. Although it was modernized, it still maintains the traditional atmosphere of the original house.