Kurashiki-DEN くらしき伝 offers guests a new traveling style; experience the simple daily life of traditional Japan. Kurashiki-DEN is a Traditional Japanese style home renovated with its elegance and history of 100 years, and licensed as an inn under Japan Hotel Business Act in 2017.  Kurashiki-DEN is two distinct homes: WA House, the fully traditional old home, and YO House a newer home.

The WA House portion of Kurashiki-DEN offers three bedrooms; two bedrooms upstairs and one bedroom downstairs. WA House is available to rent as a whole house for a family or group of travelers.  When you come stay with us, you will come to think of our home as your home away from home here in Japan.

In Kurashiki, the glories of Ancient Provincial Japan still live on

Whatever you see here is pure Japanese beauty in it’s minimalist style; clean and tidy old store houses along the canal, the white walls of the town-scape, traditional cuisines and flavors of old Japan, museums with a fusion of older Western and Japanese architecture, and the genuine hospitality and friendliness of the people.

We have taken on the responsibility for the care and well-being of Kurashiki-DEN. While we have just completed an extensive and meticulous renovation of this beautiful, traditional Japanese house.

With the assistance of a local architect who is renowned for maintaining the integrity of traditional homes, Kurashiki-DEN has been restored to it’s original state.

Our goal is to preserve Kurashiki-DEN くらしき伝 as close to its original state as possible

Wa House Rental Options Kurashiki-DEN Okayama Japan

Rental Options available at Kurashiki-DEN

Kurashiki-DEN consists of two houses joined together. WA House is the older, restored house that has three individual rooms.WA House is the newer part of Kurashiki-DEN and has a single bedroom with Western style bath and a large kitchen and entertainment area.

Rental options available in WA House are individual rooms, the two rooms upstairs or the whole house consisting of all three bedrooms. There are traditional washing/shower areas and toilets are all modern.

YO House is not currently available for rental because our family is usually living there.  Please use our contact form to inquire about YO House availability.

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